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Statistics tell us that your most likely interaction with the judicial system is through a family law proceeding. We strive to make that process as intuitive and easy as possible. Legal information and documentation used to be shrouded behind dark oak walls, legal offices and expensive hourly rates. Technological disruption has opened those doors making basic information about divorces and forms accessible to you.

If you are comfortable with a little “do-it-yourself” leg work to save time and money, then GetDivorcePapers.com can help you navigate what used to be a mysterious and confusing process. Going through a divorce is hard enough. Let GetDivorcePapers.com help you get there without the need to pay hefty and uncertain legal fees.

Our mission

Utilizing the combined skills of our founders, we have streamlined the process and trained our customer service representatives to help you every step of the way. We aim to provide you everything you need for the filing and completion of your uncontested divorce.

Couples across the nation trust GetDivorcePapers.com
State Specific Court-Approved Documents Just For You

Your GetDivorcePapers.com package includes all of your documents and a step-by-step guide specifically tailored for your state and your situation. Know what to do and when to do it every step of the way. We're also here for you with full support customer service through the entire process.
Get Everything You Need for One Low Price

Even in uncontested "simple" divorces, lawyers can charge thousands in legal fees. With GetDivorcePapers.com, you will receive customized documents that include everything you will need for one low price.
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When you need basic questions about divorce answered.

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Divorce With Children Guide

When there are children under 18 involved with your divorce.

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